Memory 3

How to play: From level 1 to level 30, cards are always face-up or face-down, depending on your preference, always increasing by a multiple of 3. You have to find 3 identical cards.
How to play with 2 people: Although this game is a 3-card memory game, when playing 2 people, if 2 identical cards cannot be found in a row, it is allowed to open a maximum of 2 cards. When one of the players finds 2 identical cards, he is entitled to reveal the 3rd card. Please have a piece of paper with you, write your names side by side. In the main menu, activate the middle of the 3 buttons in the lower middle (check mark should appear). Start the game from level 1. The score of the first game does not count. From the 2nd game, if a player makes a mistake and the X appears, write 1 point on the sheet for the other player. Otherwise, if no X comes out, the player who opened the last card always scores points. When playing ultra memory with two or more players, the player who opens the last 3 cards always earns points.
The game starts with 3 face-up or face-down cards.
The aim at this beginner level is; It is for everyone to understand that there are 3 similar card finding games. At level 2 you must find 2 groups of 6 cards with 3 identical cards.
The memory game is waiting for you with 30 different levels and 12 different themes.
Animals School stuff Vegetables and fruits Numbers (up to 30) Cooking utensils Pencil drawings Letters Dinosaurs Musical instruments Sweets and confectionery Vehicles Clothes
While playing the game, you can open all 3 cards at once if you know where these 3 identical cards are. There are 30 levels in total in the game. In the game, when the button in the upper middle part is activated from the main menu, the first mistake made is the game; If the left button in the upper middle part of the main menu page is active, the game starts again. (You must press one of the game cards for 1 second to return to the main screen.)
• 30 different levels that gradually change from easy to difficult. • Automatic completion of the game according to the number of mistakes made. Error counting algorithm; This is the reason for the software of the game. When the feature is turned off, the game does not end until 150 errors. • Multi-touch: Three-finger matching cards can be opened simultaneously. Please send your likes, criticisms and suggestions about the game to