Sudoku 40

Sudoku: There are 81 small squares in total in the game. When these 81 little squares are separated from top to bottom or from left to right, the same numbers do not overlap. At the same time, when these small squares are considered as 3x3 blocks, there must be different numbers in each 9 block. Your task is to choose the part you want and complete the puzzle with the numbers you want to find, either without making any mistakes or making the least mistakes.
Game Features:
• This game is ad-free and offline.
• There are 40 chapters.
• The first section consists of a total of 80 subsections and the transition is provided by increasing one number from easy to difficult.
• The score of each section is given to the player as much as the total number of points to be found, and the less mistakes you make, the more points you earn. These scores are shown in the circle towards the end of the episode screen.
• In Chapter 2, you have 20 lives, you have to find 20 different numbers.
• You have 40 lives in Chapter 3, 60 lives in Chapter 4 and you have to find 60 numbers.
• Chapter 5; It is an example of sudoku, the first examples of which were seen in 19th century French newspapers. This game has been an example of the uniqueness of this game and the coding motivation of this game for months was made because of the 5th Chapter. Therefore, the Eiffel Tower was used as the official part of the episode.
• The total score is calculated by subtracting the sum of the numbers that must be found in all sections except the 1st section, from the mistakes made. The score of the first section is added to the overall score as the 80-section stages are passed.
• With the button at the end of the game selection screen, you can change the chapter pictures to better recognize the game features.
• Sudoku left vertical and horizontal screen movement to user preference. As an initial setting, horizontal view is activated so that the game sections can be seen better.
• The selection of numbers in the game is at the bottom of the game screen as the initial setting. In the settings section, you can activate the number selection so that it is in the middle of the playing field.
• We brought a different perspective to sudoku, the most popular intelligence game.
In terms of game playability, the numbers display will turn into a mini view if the number entry screen is activated below the display, while it is only in landscape mode. Apart from this, the entire game screen has been tried to be used.
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