Memory Game

The memory game is waiting for you with 30 different levels and 12 different themes.
Themes: Animals School stuff Vegetables and fruits Numbers (up to 30) Cooking utensils Pencil drawings Letters Ddinosaurs Musical instruments Sweets and confectionery Vehicles Clothes
(To return to the main screen, you must long-press the back button or one of the game cards after at least one game card has been opened.)
The most important beginner's advice is to play the cards by opening them in a regular order. This game promises you: As a result of constant study, intelligence can be developed to very high levels. To earn more points:
You must make no mistakes and play the cards in closed mode. • 30 different levels that gradually change from easy to difficult. • Ability to play cards face up or face down. • Easy menu option. • 12 different themes. • Only visual expressions are used in the game. • Multi-touch: Two-finger matching cards can be opened simultaneously. • You can make a border image or borderless image by long pressing the game launch image in the main menu.
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