Find Differences

In this game, there is an interaction between the soundtrack and other game sounds, which affects the atmosphere of the game.
8 in total in 3-variable game mode, 15 in 4-variable game mode, A total of 24 in 5 variable game modes, 35 in total in 6-variable game mode and There are a total of 48 levels in the 7-variable sudoku game.
The characters in the games are designated as numbers, stars, spheres and hollow spheres.
According to the sudoku examples saved in the memory of the game, you have to find the hidden numbers in a certain order.
You can change the initial settings of the game from the settings menu.
Phone and tablet mode can be changed in settings.
This game, upon the request of a primary school teacher, was carefully prepared to be a game specific to its own genre, based on pedagogical sensitivities and game pleasure; presented to your liking.
We are proud to say that the main algorithm of the game will positively improve everyone's general mathematical and logical thinking.
• Marathon section with 8, 15, 24, 35 and 48 levels. • Only the marathon section is active in the game. There are 130 levels in total, from level 3 to game 7, and your score must not fall below 0. • In the marathon mode, the game can be passed by collecting points in the simple game levels and playing the difficult levels carefully. • The PRO badge is awarded when the game is completed.
(According to the difficulty of the games, 1 to 3 lives are given per chapter as you successfully pass the chapters.)
We look forward to your criticisms and suggestions about the game, and if you get the PRO badge, please let us know. (Our e-mail address: