Block Puzzle, 3 in 1

1. Game:
Click on an element of the block group with the same color at most. 12 levels! This section has 4 different levels. Collect points over 12 games by finding and selecting the most crowded group of blocks of the same color.
2. Game:
Remove small groups of blocks of the same color and create desired number of larger groups of blocks and click on an element in this group! In this game with 4 different levels, try to make 140 - 120 - 100 - 80 blocks of a total of 160 blocks the same color, depending on the selected game level. If there are 2 different colours, you can mark up to 2 single blocks, but you can eliminate two or more blocks an infinite number of times.
3. Game:
Click on a member of the group of blocks of the same color that is hidden! In this game, you have to find nested groups of blocks and click on a block belonging to that group. There are 102 chapters in total. You can exit all levels by pressing the back button, after exiting all levels, you can exit the game if you want. Please send your likes, criticisms and suggestions about the game to: